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Whatever your venue, we've got you covered. Pub night? Sure. Graduation Party, Yup. And we do loads of events in academic and corporate settings as well. Want to take it off campus? No problem. We've done it all. Just ask!


All of our different offering create interaction betrween players, host and the audience

High Tech

Some of our offering are very high tech requiring computers and screens and sound systems. Providing TV game show like experiences for player and the audience alike.


low TecH

Other game activities are back to basics with players forced to play using only verbal and physical interactions. 


With 30 years of entertaining we can create a fun filled custom event for You and your Group of any size. 

Get Your Game On

Bringing TV style Game Shows to life at your events!


Have you ever watched a Game Show and wish you could be on it? Here at Game Show Hosting we emulate your favorite Face-Off, chance, and brain buster games!  Now you can have your own professional game show at your next party or event!


These programs allow you to perform games  in the likeness of  Jeopardy ®, Hollywood Squares ®, Family Feud ®, and Wheel of Fortune ®.

These programs allow you to perform games in the likeness of Jeopardy ®, Hollywood Squares ®, Family Feud ®, and Wheel of Fortune ®.

No Pens, No Paper, No Cheating.

Bar, Corporate Gathering or Class Room

The SpeedTrivia system has changed the way people today approach Trivia/quizzing events, but more specifically it has enabled the Great American Bar Trivia to evolve into something new. Gone is the slow pace. Gone is the cheating (that has undermined the integrity of pen and paper pub quizzes for many years) and the days where quiz contestants actually have to mark each others question sheets is thankfully also now a thing of the past.

Our trivia/quiz game software heralds a new age of high-energy smartphone bar quizzing where the fast-paced game style takes trivia nights to new heights while ensuring it is impossible to cheat.


The players Screens change to match the type of question including acting as a virtual buzzer. 

The players Screens change to match the type of question including acting as a virtual buzzer. 

Connected to TV monitors the game becomes a real game show like experience!

We provide the basic gear for everyone to play, but if you hook us to one or more TV monitors or a projector and the games take on even more fun. The Host will ask a question, then the questions will appear on screen, next the 10 sec count down begins on screen, after the 10 seconds the monitor shows how many teams if any answered correctly, then revels the correct answer to every one in the bar (the applause and groans can be heard though the room).  Next the score board of all the players can be seen on the TVs, plus a set custom advertisement or sponsor slides can be played between questions or rounds that can display  specials messages and company logosThe  MC/host can control all of these screens and the pace of the evenings event. 


Race the Clock - Our Very Own Minute to Win It!


Based on the popular TV game show, teams work together in a race to beat the clock, facing off against the competition in simple challenges with just a Minute To Win It!

We can use the TVs version of rules to eliminate teams or in our own version players score points for their team if thy complete some or all of the challenge. This game like many of our events can be added to or combined to create a afternoon or evening of unique competitive fun..  



Derby and Dance Party

Custom Horse Racing


All the thrill of a day at the races, but no one loses here. Our horses appear on screen after the bets are tallied. The crowd will cheer on their horse to victory. Winners return to the wager windows for prize money or prize tickets. Each race is custom made with the fictitious horses and their owners being named after your guest. Each race is custom made and professionally called to sound just like the Derby. Combined with a DJ his is a great addition to any party.



Corporate Events and so Much More!

Outrageous Games: The high energy, fast paced interactive teambuilding event! Serving Virginia, DC, Maryland, and the rest of the East Coast, Outrageous Games is an exciting addition to your annual get-together, offering top quality entertainment that's both fun and productive.

From the opening ceremony to the closing awards presentation, Outrageous Games is the perfect non-athletic entertainment for your corporate picnic, employee meeting, or annual training session.